Welcome to my blog/site. I’ve created it mainly for myself to document my running, world record and charity work but also in the hope that anyone browsing about might be inspired or motivated to achieve any goals they want. It took me over 6 years of trying to get my world record which started out as a little idea after seeing it on Google. So please take a look about and visit my other pages for info.




13th Jan

Well for anyone that has followed me in the past or on social media will know that the past two years I have taken a break from running, well taken a break from anything too active if I’m honest. I’ve enjoyed some great family time, holidays,breaks and the extra bottle of red wine.

My last run was in Jan 2013, so two years later after a glass of wine on the sofa and a chat with my wife I have decided to get fit again and see where it leads.  This week has involved 3 small runs of 3,5 and 6 miles all at about 8 min mile pace.. The legs felt ok surprisingly but my breathing and lungs felt it. I’m not really after any huge speed in the legs, just want to get some great stamina back and be able to plod and plod. Very early days but I’m enjoying getting back out so let’s see how he next few months go.

9th Feb

Well it’s been work work work and to top it off I had a small wobble on the motorbike. This caused my leg to bounce off n back on with my calf smacking onto my foot peg. I still had a dead leg 4 days later…. No running for past week and will take another week to get back to it.
Otherwise things been great, work going well, home n family life great.. Bring on the holiday in April, lovely week away with my wife, can’t wait.


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